Team Effectiveness

Builds and strengthens teams that create value

Elizabeth A. Martin and Associates defines an effective team as a group of people who agree to share a common mission, know how to develop and implement coordinated actions, problem solve collectively, practice the discipline of focus, communicate strategically, and recognize and celebrate success.

We have years of experience helping leaders to develop successful teams. Our programs include some or all of the following consulting and coaching components, depending on the goals and needs of the team.

  • Assessing skills, work styles, work values of each team member
  • Creating a model that allows team members to, individually and collectively, use their talents and then, train the team to function in their most productive patterns
  • Guide the team in developing a plan to fill the talent gap
  • Train and coach in strategic thinking and strategic implementation
  • Provide executive coaching to ensure emotional intelligence and leadership skills are incorporated as the team communicates and executes plans.
  • Provide practice sessions to prepare and walk-thru critical and/or newly learned team skills and real-time activities to ensure success
  • Evaluate effectiveness throughout the program to provide real time feedback to the team and individual members
  • Learn how to recognize and celebrate success, including how to provide recognition of others who have performed well and/or contributed to the success of the mission

Elizabeth A. Martin customizes each program to address the unique needs of each team and its leader. Call us today to begin achieving greater success with your team.

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