Career Coaching

Elizabeth A. Martin and Associates has more than twenty years of experience coaching clients to identify their career direction and to achieve their career goals.

Using proven methods, we guide you in the steps to:

  • Identify your career interests, work styles and values
  • Determine your best-fit career options using your unique strengths and abilities
  • Make wise career decisions leading you to a happy and successful career future

"The best way to predict your future is to create it!"
- Peter Drucker

Find the career stage that best describes you and contact us to discuss how our Career Coaching Program can help you create your successful future.

Experienced Professional

  • Transition into a new position, new company or new career
  • Brand or rebrand yourself
  • Resolve your burn-out experience
  • Establish career satisfaction

Recent College or Technical School Graduate

  • Find the right job
  • Take your major and turn it into a career
  • Match your college education to a specific job
  • Identify fields that make the most of your major
  • Start over and "get it right"

College Students

  • Identify your true passion
  • Choose the right majors
  • Discover career options
  • Identify fulfilling campus activities
  • Plan for summer internships
  • Prepare for job search

High School Junior/Senior

  • Discover your interests
  • Determine college options
  • Identify summer internship programs
  • Transition from high school to college
  • Prepare for college interviews
  • Develop communication and decision making skills

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60% of your life is spent at work. Make it enjoyable.
60% of your life is spent at work. Make it enjoyable.
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